About us

Have tried everything - and still have short hair
Do you know it when your hair grows to the shoulders where it turns into something worse thin and bullshit nonsense, and then it just does not happen anymore? And nothing you do changes that?
My name is Jackie and I'm the owner of Nythaar Extensions. I was born with healthy and beautiful hair, however, this does not grow further than the shoulders, which has been the reason for my great interest in hair extensions. I have been going with different hair extensions for many years, and have gradually become really fond of clip-on hair extensions as it can be taken out whenever you want, wash your hair completely and let it get air - which is incredible important for healthy hair.
After several months of work and sweat, Nythaar Extensions have finally become a reality. It has taken time to find the best, develop it even better and offer something Denmark has not yet had on the market - namely Seamless Clip-On Hair Extensions.

We offer real hair extensions in the best quality, viz 100% real Remy hair . We can vouch for this because we have visited several suppliers of real hair in Asia and we can tell that the quality fluctuates incredibly much. Therefore, as a customer you can feel 100% safe when you shop at nythaar.dk, as we can guarantee the best and most natural hair you have tried.

We have absolutely not compromised on quality and have therefore not chosen the cheapest suppliers who often promise more than they can keep, have differences in quality and deliver blended products.

All of this, of course, means higher purchase prices, but this we have decided not to go beyond you! That is why we are happy to offer you the best Clip-On Hair extensions in Denmark at an extremely sharp price!

Business information

Company: Nythaar Extensions

CVR No: 39 93 55 38

Email: nythaar@nythaar.dk